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Smart Coaching Solutions

Every employee of your organization has a great potential to achieve beyond what they believe they could, this excellence only be catalyzed in an environment where there is space for Coaching Culture. Coaching is the ultimate skill all your employees at executive or management level should harness to catalyze the progress of their teams and have breakthroughs towards organizational success.

Hiring executive coaches for your entire management team could become highly expensive as a long-term cost implication.

Why Ignite Global?

We provide a smart coaching solution where we build in-house coaching capacity within your organization creating a coaching culture where the executives and managers themselves become natural coaches in their area of expertise and catalyze the success of the organization rapidly on the job. We help your organization transition into the coaching culture within 6 months and fully function as an independent entity where you would no longer need to seek executive coaching externally.

The smart coaching solution includes following:

  • In-house coaching Capacity Building

  • Coaching supervision to the in-house team

  • Support with acquiring affiliation from International Coach Federation

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of impact

  • Unlimited support to the in-house team.

All our coaching interventions are recognized and accredited by International Coach Federation.

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