FAQs on Ignite Reciprocal Coaching Program

Q. Are there any fees I have to pay at any stage of the program?

A. The program is absolutely free, you do not have to pay any fee at any stage of the program.

Q. Why do I have to submit a digital coaching confidentiality agreement when joining the program?

A. If you were to cross-sign several coaching confidentiality Agreements with every Coach you partner with, it would become cumbersome. So, we decided to create a Confidentiality Agreement that will cover all participating Coaches.

Q. Is my personal information safe with Ignite Global?

A. Please note that Ignite Global is an ICF Accredited Coaching Training provider (feel free to verify directly via ICF website), we strictly adhere to ICF Code of Ethics and maintain highest confidentiality measures. We will not share any of your information with a third party (Covered under PDPA of Thailand).

Q. Why do I have to provide a proof of Coaching education or ICF membership/credential certificate? 

A. This is to make sure that every individual joining the program is verified and an actual person for your own safety, as well as to assure you are working with qualified coaches.

Q. What if I am unable to provide a proof of my Coaching Education?

A. Regretfully we will not be able to accept you into the program.

Q. How long does it take to be accepted to Ignite reciprocal Coaching program?

A. The application review may take up to 10 working days.

Q. Does the program include 10 hours of ICF Mentor Coaching?

A. Ignite Reciprocal Coaching Program allows you to increase your coaching experience hours through peer coaching for free. If you would like to obtain the ICF Mentoring hours, we have a separate comprehensive ICF Mentoring Program. More information here.

Q. Does the program include Practice CKA Exam?

A. Ignite Reciprocal Coaching Program allows you to increase your coaching experience hours through peer coaching for free. We do have a practice Model CKA, which is not part of this program. More information here.

Q. I am looking for Coaching Training.

A. Please see below the Coaching Training Ignite Global provides:
1. Professional Coaching Mastery Certification for Coaching Individuals (60 ACSTH)
2. Professional Team and Group Coaching Mastery Certification (65 ACSTH)

3. Professional 
More details here.

Q. Is Ignite Reciprocal Coaching Program only available to Ignite Graduates?

A. It is open to all coaches with Coach Specific Education regardless where you acquired your coaching training.

Q. Do I coach and then take the role of the  coachee  in the same round? 

A. You may discuss this with your peer coach and come to a mutual understanding on this.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum number of hours I am expected to coach each peer?

A. No. It is mutually agreed between you and the peer coach.

Q. Is there minimum or maximum number of peer coaches I could work with?

A. No. It is up to your credential goal and availability of peer coaches.

Q. Is there a minimum number of hours or maximum number of hours that is required to be completed within the program?

A. There is no restriction or limitation on the number of hours you can gain through the Ignite Reciprocal Coaching program.

Q. How do we arrange sessions with peer coaches?

A. Once you have signed and sent the coaching confidentiality agreement you will be given access to a list of coaches. You can directly contact coaches (both via email and WhatsApp)  you'd like to work with and organise meetings using google calendar. We have found out contacting caches via WhatsApp messenger is more effective.

Q. Can I record coaching sessions within the program?

A. This is to be mutually agreed among the peer coaches. Ignite Global is not responsible for confidentiality in such situations. 

Q. What is the validity of the Coaching Confidentiality Agreement? 

A. The coaching confidentiality agreement is valid as long as you participate in the Ignite Reciprocal coaching program. 

Q. What should I do if I would like to quit the program. 

A. Once you decide to quit the program, let us know by email, we will discard your personal information from our records at once. You may unsubscribe from Ignite Global Mailing list if you wish to.

Q. Do I mention clients as “ ignite global “ and the number of hours or should I mention each peer coach’s name individually on the ICF log sheet for tracking the number of coaching hours? 

A. You log each peer coach’s name as your coachees in the ICF log sheet.

Q. Where are most of your coaches located?

A. We have coaches from all over the world in the Ignite Reciprocal Coaching Program.

Q. If I notice that a peer is violating the Confidentiality Agreement, what do I do?

A. Bring it to the attention of the peer and help them understand that there is a violation. After your intervention, if they still continue with the violation, bring it to our attention at ignite.rcp@gmail.com 

Q. Can I promote my services to coaches in the group? share links related coaching or my personal social media link in WhatsApp groups?

A. Promoting your services in the program is a violation of program rules. Such activities will result in immediate dismissal from the program without further notice. 

Q. Can I share my personal social media links or any other links related to coaching in the WhatsApp group?

A. No. Our aim is to keep the WhatsApp group laser focused on the credentialing progress of the coaches. Sharing links in the group will result in immediate dismissal from the program without further notice.

Q. I did not find the answer to my question here. What do I do?

A. Post your message in the WhatsApp group. One of the Ignite Contributors would reply within 24 hours. In case if your question was not answered adequately or you have a question that needs to be addressed privately, email us at ignite.rcp@gmail.com

Q. I think there are questions and answers that should be added to this section.

A. Thank you and please email them at ignite.rcp@gmail.com  we are more than happy to add them.