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This certification is suitable for coaches who would like to enhance their profession as a Group/Team coach, managers and executives who lead teams or educators/facilitators.

The certification will allow you to gain the skills, knowledge, confidence as well as credibility as a certified group/team coach, leader or educator.

Group/Team Coaching Certification is also ideal for coaches who are envisioning to obtain a higher ICF credential as well.


Eye opening & mind blowing

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Bancha Karonsontawong

Network Development - General Manager

Nissan Motor Thailand 

Full Online Training


Fully Accredited by International Coach Federation

Group & Team Coaching Mastery

Why Group & Team Coaching Mastery Certification?

Group & Team Professional Coaching Mastery Certification will  advance your skills to help groups and teams achieve collective goals and organizational success.

Most coach specific training focus on coaching skills for coaching individuals. In order to achieve success in coaching with groups and teams you need specific set of skills, techniques and tools.

There are many coaches out there but very few are qualified as Group/Team Coaches, this program will provide you with the Mastery of Group and Team Coaching, allowing you to become a pioneer in a fast growing billion-dollar coaching industry today.


Passionate about maximizing your leadership & empower groups & teams?


Planing to obtain your ICF Credential?


Ready to take your Coaching Profession to the next level as a Group/Team Coach?


Multiply your income while working lesser hours as a Group/Team Coach?


Seeking professional growth and climb the career ladder to the top executive level?


Who Should Take Group Coaching Certification? 

Coaches who wish to level up their career as a Group/Team Coach.

Maximize your earnings and credibility with the Group & Team Coaching Certification. Gain more visibility and confidence in the corporate environment.

CEOs, Executives, Managers & 

HR Professionals

Excel in your leadership skills and grow your teams to success resulting in organizational development. Stand out from the crowd.

Leaders,Trainers, Consultants & Educators

Master delivering your content to groups using  Group & Team Coaching Skills and add value to the progression of your clients / students, and simultaneously excel in your career.

Be part of the

Social Impact

Create Ripples of Positivity.

Ignite Global is committed to make a difference in underprivileged communities. When you register for any of the programs offered by Ignite Global, you become part of this Social Impact Movement. For every program you join, we will offer Human-Centered Leadership Training to a deserving youth from an underprivileged background who will commit to applying the skills learnt from the training in their communities. This way, together we empower communities in need.


Trainer & Coach


While searching for schools, I immediately connected with Ignite Global's mission, and it just felt right, but I was not sure if I'd want to have the course online, but I didn't have the availability to be part of the face to face course. I am really glad I decided to go with my initial instinct and chose Ignite Global.

The course was everything I was looking for and more. Coach Fernando led the group through a really beautiful journey, with an amazing presence and energy. Giving us space to learn and explore as well as challenging us to go deeper and further. I believe he does not only have the knowledge and coaching experience, but also great work ethics and morals, which challenged me every week to want to build my coaching practice not only to be successful, but also to be a catalyst for kindness in the world.

Ignite Global's commitment to its students does not end with the course, as coach Fernando created a platform where coaches can practice and build experience. Thank you coach Fernando for all the thought and energy you put in creating this amazing course and support system.

Professional Coaching Mastery Certification

Group & Team Coaching Mastery

Full Online Training Details

Empowering, Fun & Engaging Training

Duration of Training

Duration of the course is 65 hours. including 20 hours of observed group/team coaching practice.


Minimum 30 hours of ICF Accredited Coach Specific Training (ACSTH or ACTP) or other coaching training that cover ICF 11 Core Competencies and some one-on-one Coaching Experience.

Training Structure

  • Full online training - 38 Hours

  • Observed Coaching Practice - 20 Hours

  • Online MCQ Examination - 2 Hours

  • Coaching Practicum - 5 Hours

  • Total of 65 Hours

Online classes are conducted using Zoom Meetings.

Assessment Method

Online Examination: Consists of 60 Multiple Choice Questions covering practical application of Group/Team Coaching. You may complete this online test at your own pace.

Coaching Practicum: Student should submit an audio recorded actual coaching session along with word by word transcription.

When to begin?

As soon as the registration is completed you can   jump-start the online study through the E-learning material while awaiting live training.


Professional Coaching Mastery Certification is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation, 

providing you the credibility and confidence to practice as a World-Class Professional Coach.

Money Back Guarantee

After completing the course, if the student finds that the skills and knowledge gained is not helping to empower self and others, we guarantee 100% money back.


Live Training Dates

Next Live Training Begins on:  19 June 2021
Virtual Training : 12 Consecutive Saturdays except for International Holidays (4 Hours of learning each Saturday)

Live Training Time:

London Time: 6 am to 10 am GMT
Paris Time: 7 am to 11 am CET
Dubai Time: 10 am to 2 pm GST
New Delhi Time: 11.30 am to 3.30 am IST
Bangkok Time: 1 pm to 5pm GMT +7
Hong Kong Time 2 pm to 6pm HKT
Melbourne Time 5 pm to 9 pm UTC +11

The live sessions are video recorded and placed in our Ignite E-learning Platform in case if you missed a session or for revision.

What is included?

  1. 65 Hours of ACSTH Certification.

  2. Real life Coaching Practice and Feedback.

  3. Comprehensive Study Material & Coaching Tools.

  4. Lifetime FREE access to our future Online (same) Coaching Training.

  5. Lifetime FREE access to our Virtual Learning Platform.

  6. Support and guidance for starting a Coaching Business.

  7. FREE Continue Coaching Education Materiel.

  8. Publishing your Coach Profile along with your photo on our Coaching Directory in our website for a life time. Which you could use for marketing.

  9. Free access to Reciprocal Coaching  Program to gain Paid Coaching Experience.

  10. Unlimited assistance through ICF professional development path.

  11. FREE access to our Ignite Coaches Tribe private group for daily inspiration, support, encouragement and guidance for a life time.

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Regular Investment is 2,600 USD.

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Line ID: felizfernando
Facebook: Fernando Feliz

Ploywarong Luengtrairat

Associate Clinical Project Manager
IQVIA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Many powerful moments during Coaching Training, the most powerful moment for me was the realization when client said she had a breakthrough. 



Meet Your Lead Facilitator

"When I created Professional Coaching Mastery Training for you, in addition to essentials,

I decided to include everything, which I wished for as a student back then what I expected from a coaching training program."

- Fernando 


Fernando Hettiyadura


Fernando has over 17 years of career experience as a Master Trainer, Holistic Success Coach, Coach Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and in Education Technology. He has catalyzed the success of individuals and organizations in Corporate, Government and Non-Government Organizations ranging from from students, educators, coaches, executives to CEOs.


He is a Professional Certified Coach designated by International Coach Federation, the world’s largest and most prominent coaching accreditation organization. And he also holds a Diploma in Comprehensive Clinical Hypnotherapy. With years of Coaching Experience, training background as a Master Trainer and background in Education Technology, he is uniquely positioned to bring you the Professional Coaching Mastery Certification.

He loves Latin dancing and passionate about positive change in individuals, organizations and the world as a whole.


Ravindra Singh

Head of Operations

Thai Acrylic  Fibre Co., Ltd.

The training was so engaging, kept my whole mind stimulated, no time to doze off, or even to step outside the room for that matter.

Lynette Lee Corporal
Manager, Information & Knowledge Management, APCD Thailand

The training was like a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air in an otherwise confusing world of coaching. It was intensive, very interactive and deeply insightful.

Synne Marion Olsen
Regional Digital Development Officer
Plan International Asia

Coaching Training is like a speed train of powerful knowledge, breakthroughs and tools which will empower my life and coaching.

Ploywarong Luengtrairat
Associate Clinical Project Manager
IQVIA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

I notice coaching training changed me in a positive way. I’m looking to bring more of a coaching mindset and practice to my work. I know it would help me improve tremendously.

What our graduates say...

Professional Coaching Mastery Syllabus

Course: Group & Team Coaching Mastery

Module 6*: A warm welcome to The World of Group and Team Coaching!

*This is a continuation of Professional Coaching Mastery Certification, hence this training begins at Module 6. If you have fulfilled the prerequisites, you can begin at Module 6 and complete Group & Team Coaching Mastery training as an independent certification.

Core Competencies:​

Setting the Foundation

  • Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement


  1. What are Group & Team Coaching?

  2. What is the difference between Group & Team Coaching?

  3. Difference Between One on One and Group Coaching

  4. Recap: Introduction to International Coach Federation (ICF)

  5. Recap: Introduction to ICF Credentialing Process

  6. History and evolution of Group Coaching

  7. How to apply ICF Code of Ethics into Group Coaching?

  8. How to establish a Coaching Agreement in a Group Coaching Process?

  9. Group Coaching Self-Assessment

  10. Client Profile—Group Coaching Client Assessment

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Internationally Accredited


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Money-back guarantee

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Support thru ICF professional development path

Business Development coverage

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All time access to new resources 

Fun & engaging training

Full online material

Support after training


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Kewari Bae


Massive impact on my life.


Bancha Karonsontawong


Mind blowing and life changing.


Paul Lewis


An incredible 
eye-opening experience.


Alfred Maverick


Life-transforming experience.


Maria Chulkstan


Eye-opening and life changing.