Ignite Business MasterMind

Twelve Organic Business Strategies for Absolutely Free!

What is Ignite Business MasterMind

As an ICF Accredited Coaching Training Provider, we have seen an increasing number of competent coaches struggling to establish themselves as commercially successful Professional Coaches. We have trained, mentored and coached numerous coaches helping them to establish a successful coaching business, and we ourselves built Ignite Global to be the successful coaching company it is today, from ground up, mostly using organic business development strategies.

We are starting Ignite Business MasterMind as a 12 months program where we will share 12 Proven Business Development Strategies that we have carefully designed, executed and successfully generated income from. The program includes practical strategies around money mindset, organic marketing, client magnets, building an organic following, pricing services and  designing packages that sell.

Yes, it is Absolutely Free! So you might wonder, what's the catch? This is a genuine concern as we witness programs where you are offered some freebies, then comes the high ticket sales pitch. We assure you that there is no upselling agenda behind this initiation, and we will share everything that we know. We will not ask you to pay anything at any point of the program.

Why do we do it for free? The world needs coaching more than ever, and we meet a lots of coaches highly competent at their craft but not so good at business and marketing. As a Coaching Training Provider, we always look for opportunities to share the essence of our success  with the Global Coaching Community. After we launched and witnessed the success of our Absolutely Free Ignite Reciprocal Coaching Program where coaches obtain paid coaching hours for their ICF Credential, we decided to create Ignite Business MasteMind Program to truly give back.


There is much goodness in the world, and there is more than enough abundance in the world for everyone and for every coach! Through our experience, we have learnt that the more you give, the more you get. It has it's own magic!

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Founder of Ignite Global


Who should join the

Ignite Business MasterMind?

If you have a burning desire to create a thriving and commercially successful coaching business, this is for you. The program is suitable for consultants, therapists, course/content creators and new entrepreneurs too.

At the same time, we do not promise a magic formula for you to acquire 6 or 7 figure business success over night. The strategies we share require commitment and dedication to make it successful. If you are up for that, then the sky is the limit!



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12 Free Strategies for 12 Months for Success

The Business Strategies

12 Free Strategies in one hour for 12 Months for building a successful Coaching Business.

Unlocking Money Mindset

09 February 2021

Acquiring Corporate Clients

09 March 2021

Creating Irresistible Offers

05 April 2021

Pricing Like a Pro

05 May 2021

Personal Branding and Social Media Presence

01 June 2021

Acquiring Clients from Your Network

06 July 2021

Acquiring Business through Networking

03 August 2021

Marketing to Focused Groups

07 September 2021

Creating an Organic Following 

05 October 2021

Creating a Referral Magnet

02 November 2021

Acquiring Business through Partnerships

07 December 2021

Successfully Overcoming Client Objections

11 January 2022

What time are the sessions?

8.00 pm to 9.00 pm Bangkok, Thailand Time (GMT +7) on each day. You may convert time zone by entering the state or country you reside.

How are the sessions conducted?

All sessions will be conducted via Zoom conferencing calls. We will email you the Zoom link a week in advance for each session. In case if you did not receive the Ignite emails, please follow these instructions.

What is included in the session?

+ Experience Sharing "How I acquired my first paying client" - 10 Minutes.

+ Business Strategy of the Day - 20 Minutes

+ Actions and Accountability - 10 Minutes

+ Insight on Coaching Mastery - 10 Minutes

+ Customized Action Plan for Each Strategy

How to maximize results?

+ Show up and be present during the sessions.

+ Find an accountability partner and join the program together.

+ Be prepared to create actions and execute.

+ Be committed and persistent with your actions.

How to register?

Register below and we will send you the Zoom link and Customized Action Plan Via email 7 days before each session. 

In case if you did not receive the Ignite emails, please follow these instructions.

We look forward to guiding you in building a Successful Coaching Business