We don't want you to miss out the good stuff!

We provide support to a large number of individuals on a regular basis with all our coaching, training and free programs. Although we have invested in a very good email management service, one of the challenges we face is some of you not receiving our emails directly into your inbox. We don't want you to miss out the good stuff!

The good news is that you can enable Ignite Emails directly in your inbox with a few clicks.

Step One:

1. Click on the the 'Promotions' tab.

2. Scroll and find Ignite Email. The Sender would appear as 'Fernando'.


Step Two:

1. Right click on the the email.

2. Click on 'Move to tab' option.

3. Click on 'Primary'.


Step Three:

1. A pop-up message will appear.

2. Click on 'Yes' Option.


Final Step:

1. Click on 'Primary' tab.

2. You would be able to see the emails from Ignite Global moving forward.


If you continue to encounter the problem, please email us at fernando@igniteglobal.online

Thank you for being part of Ignite Global.