Ignite Credential Accelerator Program

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What is Ignite Credential Accelerator Program?


As a qualified coach, it is natural that you are determined to acquire ICF Credentials, ACC, PCC or MCC designations as soon as possible. Being directly designated by ICF as an Accredited Coach certainly increases your credibility leading to significantly increasing your earnings as a Professional Coach.

We at Ignite Global, as an ICF Accredited Coaching Training Provider understand your desire to acquire ACC, PCC or MCC designations, and we have witnessed many coaches struggle to gain these designations on their own and even give up after sometime. So, we have come up with a program that will accelerate gaining your ACC, PCC or MCC Credential with constant motivation and accountability.


Ignite Credential Accelerator Program Provides you the opportunity to speed up the process of obtaining your ACC, PCC or MCC Credential.

Ignite Accelerator Reciprocal Coaching Program is where you can connect with other coaches and gain required Hours of ICF Coaching Experience requirement for your ACC or PCC applications for absolutely free with constant motivation and accountability.

In addition to Reciprocal Coaching Segment, Ignite Global Provides 10 Hours of ICF Mentor Coaching requirement for an affordable investment which includes complimentary of;

+ Pre-evaluation of Coaching Recording and feedback for Performance Evaluation for free.

+ Unlimited practice of Model Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) via our Ignite E-learning Platform for free.

Note: You do NOT require to join 10 Hours of Mentor Coaching Program to become eligible to  Join the ICF Accelerator Reciprocal Coaching Program, it is absolutely free.

What is Ignite Credential Accelerator Reciprocal Coaching Program?

One of the main challenges new coaches come across is how to obtain the paid coaching hours. ICF recognizes reciprocal coaching as paid coaching hours. And you are welcome to join our Ignite Accelerator Reciprocal Coaching Program absolutely for free and acquire these hours. There are no hidden charges, advertisements or business pitches.

You are connected with a large number of accredited coaches, where you will be provided with guidance on how to connect and schedule your reciprocal coaching calls efficiently to achieve desired number of coaching hours for your ACC, PCC or MCC application in a short span of time. You will be provided with accountability and encouragement in a self-sustaining system.

How is Ignite Accelerator Reciprocal Coaching Segment different from
other Peer Coaching Programs?

Ignite Reciprocal Coaching Program is;

+ Absolutely free

+ You gain coaching hours on an accelerated pace

+ Guidance and accountability is provided

+ Self-sustaining system to make sure you meet your goal

What Participating Coaches Say

What are the minimum requirements

to join Ignite Accelerator Reciprocal Coaching Program?

01. Has begun or completed an ICF Accredited ACSTH or ACTP (or portfolio path) program.

02. Has access to Google calendar.

03. Has a WhatsApp messenger account.

04. Willingness to work on a shared goal as a team.

05. Willingness to support and provide accountability to other members.

06. Agrees to bring to Ignite Global’s notice if any of the participating coaches trying to pitch sales or business.

07. Agrees not to pitch business or sales directly or indirectly to the participating coaches.

Participating Coaches


Ali Gülüm


Enabling interaction between coaches from different coaching schools is, in my opinion, the most important value Ignite is providing. Although every coach is perfectly aligned with ICF ethics and guidelines, one still feels little rich nuances among coaches. Timothy Gallwey says other than least important theory and training, to learn coaching one has to "coach as much as possible and ask for coaching as much as possible" and here Ignite provides both in a very rich multicultural and multidimensional way. It has been a great experience so far as a coach, as a coachee and as an "accountability partner" which I may call a kind of pay back system. I am very happy that I am part of the community and feeling so thankful for being part of the Ignite community, and for friendships I've established on a personal and professional level.  

Lynette PNG.png

Lynette Lee Corporal


Ignite Global is a coaching training provider that has your back every step of the way. Fernando, Ignite Global founder and lead trainer, is one inspiring individual and mentor coach who has made all this possible. His courses, both in person and online, are geared to empower every aspiring coach in all aspects of their coaching profession. His mentor group coaching sessions will have you brimming with insights, and are highly rewarding in terms of practical knowledge and the pursuit of ethical coaching standards. The roster of coaches under his wing and those who have taken Ignite Global courses are a source of motivation, respect, and encouragement, not to mention easy camaraderie. If you're aspiring to be a coach or just want to acquire invaluable life skills, Ignite Global is it! 


Sachin Jain

Executive & Performance Coach, Harvard Alumnus

Ignite Global have provided me a platform to interact with international coaches. Through reciprocal coaching program, I experienced diverse coaching topics and styles suited to culture/country. Fernando have been instrumental in motivating the group and celebrating everything. His mentoring sessions during COVID lockdown has been a productive offering. I congratulate Ignite Global for valuable contribution in coaching community and wish them success for future.


Venus Dennen


It's a wonderful blessing to have the opportunity to be a part of a community committed in creating ripples of positivity. Ignite Global expanded life exploration for me. I took the coaching training to professionally qualify me as a coach. It was a hands-on training adhering with ICF standards. What I'm more than thankful is the momentum created after the training. Coach Fernando, the founder of Ignite Global opened the door of opportunities for me to immerse myself in the world. I met skilled and supportive coaches from different parts of the world through the reciprocal coaching program. Embracing a coaching journey with fellow coaches ignited positivity in me. I'll be forever grateful. I'm inviting you to join our team. Together, let's create ripples of positivity. IGNITE GLOBAL!


Omer Zuk


This program really change my coaching journey. When I joined the program was strange to see the title Coach in-front of my name. In the last 2 months I did over 60 hours coaching on the platform. I learn a lot about who I am as a coach what my style of coaching is. I learn to trust the coaching process and to trust myself as a coach. The program gave me the opportunity to be coach with a lot of different coaches from all around the world. I developed contacts and relations that will last for life. Now I am very comfortable being called a coach and I am ready to embark on my professional journey. Thanks to Fernando and Ignite Global for this great service.

How does the Ignite Accelerator Reciprocal Coaching Program work?

Step 1: If you fulfill and agree to the requirements above, you are welcome to apply.

Step 2: We will review your application and inform you within 10 days if you can participate. In some occasion, we may invite you for an interview to confirm your eligibility.

Step 3: You will be provided with a list of coaches to collaborate and added to the WhatsApp group.

Step 6: You set a goal for yourself in terms of the number of Coaching Hours you would like to complete and the time frame you would like to complete the identified number of hours.

Step 7: You connect with the coaches of your choice and setup mutually agreed coaching calls for the entire duration. We recommend each session to be minimum of 2 hours where each Coach conduct one-hour session. These sessions can be in-person or video conferencing.

Please note:  We hope you understand that all the coaches who join the Reciprocal Coaching Program are on a mission to increase the number of coaching hours in a short period of time, hence it is crucial that all participating coaches keep up with their coaching schedule. If you cancel or re-schedule (collectively) more than 6 sessions within 6 months, you will be automatically removed from the Reciprocal Coaching Program.