Ignite the super parent in you!

Develop your child as a Successful Future Leader

As a parent are you Looking to…

  • Make your children obey and listen to you while imposing positive discipline without losing your ‘cool’?

  • Turn your children into high achievers? 

  • Find solutions to unmanageable tantrums and sibling rivalry? 

  • Help your children to make a smooth and safe transition to society and prepare them to grow and live in a complicated world?

  • Avoid burnout and manage time, work life balance while being there for your children. 

Then You are at the right place and we commend your intentions!

If your deepest desire is to witness your children’s success, wellbeing and create future leaders, and yet feel lost and overwhelmed, you are not alone!

Do you believe Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world? Yet, where do we get to learn or who prepares us on how to become the best parents we possibly can for our children? The time has changed drastically, and we raise children in a very different world. As your children grow, how do you plan to grow with them and level up your parenting skills according to their new needs?

From the moment you decided to become a parent, you may have received ‘particularly important inputs’ and ‘good advice’ on how to raise your children. Yet, how often have you felt harshly judged, criticized and feel ‘not good enough’ as a parent? On top of that, while trying to balance your job, relationships, finance and all your other responsibilities, how do you make sure that you nurture the relationships with your children enough and prepare them to take over the world?

The good news is you don’t have to feel like parenting is a never ending struggle. At Ignite Global, we have created a formula that enables accessibility to a fruitful parenting journey you never imagined that exists. We will step by step walk you through an experience where you gain all the tools you ever need in order to become a Super Parent and cultivate the future leaders your children are destined to be.


My experience has been invaluable and at the same time very empowering.



Tina Gandhi, Muscat

Mother and Teaching Assistant


This training is for you if you are a; 




An expectant parent


Foster care parents preparing for adoption


Child caregivers 


Trying to identify and nurture children who may be LGBTQA +


Trying to identify and nurture children who may be differently abled *

* The training does not cover medical diagnosis, therapy and treatments for any special needs conditions. The knowledge and skills provided within the training can be utilized to effectively develop children with such conditions in supplement to the medical attention.


"Children are like unknown seeds. Based on how you nurture, you wouldn’t even know the fruits they would produce. As a parent, you have the power to cultivate your child's development as a successful human being valuable to the society. Over a decade of my experience in child development, I have seen parents and educators unaware how to fully accomplish this effectively. One of the main reasons for this gap is because most parents look at children as ‘just kids’. However, the truth is children are capable and intelligent beyond our perceptions. 
So, I wake up every morning with the mission to enable that power within you to develop your child as a true future leader."

Your Lead Facilitator & Mentor

Lux Blue Signature.png

Armagan Yalcin

Senior Account Executive at Banking

& Digitization Solutions


I am a father of a 15 year-old boy and a 10-year old girl. I have challenges in terms of good communication with my teenage son.


Thanks to excellent experience I had with Lux I now have a good action plan for improving my communication skills with him. Lux made strong use of her expertise while guiding me to reach my solution. She specifically helped me to remember that he is still partly a child despite his grown up appearance and behavior, thus gave me the chance of talking at the right level and tone with my son.


I definitely advise everyone to have this perfect experience and get the taste of being a happy parent to our most loved ones.

Creating Ripples of Positivity.

Be part of the Social Impact

Ignite Global is committed to make a difference in underprivileged communities. When you invest in any of the programs offered by Ignite Global, you invest in a Social Impact Movement. For every program you join, we will offer Human-Centered Leadership Training to a deserving youth, specially girls from an underprivileged background who will commit to applying the skills learnt from the training in their communities. This way, you contribute to the empowerment of  communities in need.


Full Online Training Details

Prepare for a paradigm shifting & engaging experience

Duration Of Training

Duration of the experience is 48 hours. 

Free lifetime access to our exclusive Ultimate Super Parents guide WhatsApp group where we share valuable insights and techniques, answering your questions and challenges on a regular basis.

Live Training Dates

Collaborate with me Live Virtually from the comfort of 

Live Virtual Training begins on 16th of October 2021 and runs for 08 consecutive Sundays except for International Holidays (4 Hours of learning each Sunday).

London Time: 7 am to 11 am GMT
Paris Time: 8 am to 12 pm CET
Dubai Time: 10 am to 2 pm GST
New Delhi Time: 11.30 am to 3.30 am IST
Bangkok Time: 1 pm to 5pm GMT +7
Hong Kong Time 2 pm to 6pm HKT
Melbourne Time 4 pm to 9 pm UTC +11

If your time zone is not mentioned above, you may convert your time zone here.

Training Structure

  • Collaborate with me Live Virtually - 32 hours

  • Prerecorded video guideline to create a road map to your child’s mind - 8 hours (Do it at your own phase)

  • Super Parent formula reading guide - 8 hours
    (Do it at your own phase)

  • Total 48 Hours


How to Register?

We would like to connect with you for a conversation and understand if this training is right for you. Kindly choose a time convenient for you from below. Note: the link will open Google Calendar, and the time slots are shown in your time zone.

Boutique Experience

​The experience includes a small group of participants to assure individual attention and maximum benefit for you.


What is included?

  1. 32 hours of Live Virtual collaboration with me and gaining practical knowledge.

  2. 8 hours of pre-recorded video guideline to create a road map to your child’s mind and flexibility to do it at your own phase.

  3. Super Parent formula reading guide.

  4. Practical Experience.

  5. Free Lifetime access to exclusive Ultimate Super Parents guide WhatsApp group and Facebook group.

  6. Free Lifetime access to our future online Super Parent experiences.

Money Back Guarantee

After completing the experience, if you find that the skills and knowledge gained is not helping to empower yourself and your children, we guarantee 100% money back.

When to begin?

As soon as the registration is completed you can join the exclusive Ultimate Super Parents guide WhatsApp group and jump-start your experience through Super Parent formula reading guide while waiting for our in-person collaboration.

Your Investment

Basic Parenting Package: 

Your Investment 1700 USD

Avail Early Bird Investment Now!

Only 1500 USD

Before 2nd August 2021 

Super Parenting Package:


  • Full training.

  • 12 hours of one on one coaching for parent and child.

  • Support when you need.

Your Investment 2000 USD

Avail Early Bird Investment Now!

Only 1800 USD

Before 2nd August 2021 

Installment option is available. Email for more details.

Or Email Lux at


Luc with a chaild.jpg

Lux Hettiyadura


Lux is an Associate Certified Coach designated by the ICF, Coach Training Facilitator and an Educator. She focuses on coaching approach to child social, emotional and behavioural development. With this methodology, she enables parents and educators to awaken their maximum capacity to create a sustainable impact in positive and effective parenting and teaching. 

She has over 10 years of strong international background in education. And she passionately leads the Coaching Education, Research and Development interventions at Ignite Global.

Lux is committed to make a positive impact in creating and harnessing future leaders by empowering parents and educators.


Meena Annie Mathews
School Manager

Gulf International School

To those looking for a safe space to talk, for those looking for direction, for those looking for even an inch of self-discovery – I would absolutely recommend Lux! Even though I know Lux as a friend, during the session she wore a completely different hat, she was still friendly but she was more of a thorough professional. She kept guiding my thoughts as I spoke and it was very interesting for me to voice out a lot of things I felt but could not articulate before. She gave some really insightful thoughts and some practical exercises to work on. It was an absolutely useful session and I didn’t even realize how time went by.


Ilze Spigule
Mindset Coach


I'm a mom of a toddler & a teenager, thus having challenging times now and then, as you can imagine :) I love working with Lux who has amazing real life expertise with kids and therefore has lots of tips and tricks that really work! Our sessions also opened my own awareness on how I can better deal with triggering situations, how I can better connect with my kids to teach them basic human values in a way they grasp it through grace, not fear of punishment. Lux literally opened my eyes to my own powers. I can now use more with my kids for everyone's higher benefit. So, I wholeheartedly advise you to give yourself the gift of making your parenting more fun, effective and fulfilling with coach Lux! ❤️ 


Tina Gandhi

Mother and Teaching Assistant

Muscat, Oman

Lux is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and highly pragmatic and has found her calling as a life coach. My experience has been invaluable and at the same time very empowering. Lux has helped me to organize my thoughts with the questions that she brought to our meetings. She has helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make the changes needed to achieve a new dimension in my parenting style. I would like to say that if you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential, look no further than Lux. 

Success Stories


Kewari Bae


Massive impact on my life.


Bancha Karonsontawong


Mind blowing and life changing.


Paul Lewis


An incredible 
eye-opening experience.


Alfred Maverick


Life-transforming experience.


Maria Chulkstan


Eye-opening and life changing.

Ultimate Super Parent Formula Overview

Step 1
In this step you will gain a solid understanding on how to set the foundation for supporting your children or adolescence. 


1.1 It starts with the heart. 
1.2. What does it take to parent a future leader?
1.3 Types of Super parenting skills
1.4 You are not parenting just your child; you are parenting a future leader. 
1.5 Identify what Super Parenting is not
1.6 A counter- intuitive process
1.7 Quick look into parenting from a practical perspective
1.8 Not just a parent, Become a Super Parent.
1.9 What is the right type of support? 
1.10 How to recognise when to use Super Parenting skills





It is your right to have a feel of the chemistry and energy connection with your facilitator. So, feel free to ask if you have any questions or I am also happy to connect with you on an audio or video call to have a heart to heart conversation.

Here are my direct contact details.

WhatsApp: +66 (0) 88 60  44 60 9


Or make an appointment for a conversation

Your Lead Facilitator & Mentor

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