Louise Spinks

HR/Remuneration at Sax, Australia

It was a pleasure to meet and connect with Fernando. I wasn't sure what to expect and was definitely pleasantly surprised. His excellent communications skills and lovingly detailed hospitality were an absolute delight. Fernando has years of executive coaching to draw upon. He is very wise and offered up some great insights which I will take with me in life. Thanks Fernando for your devotion, passion and enthusiasm for life and helping others!

Lynette PNG.png

Lynette Lee Corporal

Manager, Information & Knowledge Management, APCD, Thailand

Ignite Global is a coaching training provider that has your back every step of the way. Fernando, Ignite Global founder and lead trainer, is one inspiring individual and mentor coach who has made all this possible. His courses, both in person and online, are geared to empower every aspiring coach in all aspects of their coaching profession. His mentor group coaching sessions will have you brimming with insights, and are highly rewarding in terms of practical knowledge and the pursuit of ethical coaching standards. The roster of coaches under his wing and those who have taken Ignite Global courses are a source of motivation, respect, and encouragement, not to mention easy camaraderie. If you're aspiring to be a coach or just want to acquire invaluable life skills, Ignite Global is it! 


Ussama Kaewpradap

Freelance Translator, Thailand

I always feel thankful to meet Fernando by the big change period in my life. He is an amazing coach. Coaching by him was life changing positively. I was attending both workshop and individual sessions. Both sessions were well-organized. Each session was relevant to push me forward and to get me to the place I needed to be and feel positive. As a result of coaching with him, I have my life direction more organized, with a positive outlook, found my passion and higher self-esteem. Beyond anything, we became very good, good friends.


AL Maverick

Coach & Educator, WeLearn, Philippines

It’s a life-transforming experience to be part of the Professional Coaching Training program of Ignite Global.

I’ve realized how much POWER and INFLUENCE you can have as a coach in helping other people unlock their full potentials. I also feel like to be a much better person as a professional, as a colleague, a friend, as a father and as a husband. It’s just AMAZING!